Bringing Families Together by Reimagining a Holiday Classic.

The classic Nutcracker tale was a familiar foundation for our modern-day mini-musical, built to carry a message of togetherness to families during the holidays. America’s favorite parental duo, Chrissy Teigan and John Legend starred. And Oscar-winner Benj Pasek helped us craft this lyrical journey that appealed to both kids and parents. The Toycracker premiered on ABC within the first-ever network airing of Disney’s Frozen. 


Getting Families Through the Biggest Production of the Year.

For families across the country the holidays are one big production. To mirror this journey we put on our very own production following families’ preparation rituals. Our story tapped into the imagination of our kid Director, Marisol, and together with a cast and crew of toys they do their best to make the holidays spectacular for all with their mini-musical: The Toycracker.


Reporting Live from the Red Carpet.

The holidays are jam-packed with promotions from every retailer. To stand out from the rest we invented Ginger Breadington - part showman, part salesman, all cookie - to deliver the freshest deals live from the red carpet of our big event.