Getting Kids to Rock Their True Colors.

What happens when you combine kid’s creativity and a bunch of loony Trolls? A glittery, colorful explosion of self-expression. With the help of some super talented kids, like dance duo Taylor and Kyndall, our campaign inspired kids to embrace what makes them unique and rock their true colors.


Inspiring Kids to Forget Their Differences, Unite and Play.

When kids come together to play super hero it’s not about winners or losers or even genders, it’s about having fun. So as Marvel's Captain America: Civil War split fans down the middle we helped Target remind them that when super heroes divide, united we play. 


Taking Kids on a Joy Ride, Target Style.

Instead of showing kids how to play with their favorite Cars 3 toys, we gave them a amazing reason to do so. Pixar and Target’s partnership became the best reason ever to build the biggest toy racetrack we could imagine — a place where families could actually step into the driver’s seat of their favorite characters.