Bringing Families Together with a New Spin on an Old Tradition.

In 2015 we created a new kind of holiday tale, an adventure story, and it resulted in the best holiday campaign in Target history. "The Holiday Odyssey" was a season long journey about three kids and a dog who set out on an epic quest to save Christmas for Gingerbread City. The world we created was so sweet we won for Best Use of Fiction in a film series.


Mirroring The Journey With An Interactive Storybook

“The Holiday Odyssey: Three Kids, a Dog and an Epic Quest to Light a Ridiculously Giant Tree” was a fully interactive children’s book we created as a way to bring families together and take them even deeper into our narrative. It was fifty-two pages full of adventure; each page individually illustrated, animated and scored. The book was narrated by dad extraordinaire Neil Patrick Harris and written by us.