Uniting Communities Against a Common Enemy.

In an age of alternative facts, it was time for truth to live up to its name. So we built a team of truth correspondents, led by Ryan Duffy and Kaj Larsen, to investigate Big Tobacco’s exploitation of the military and mental health communities and the human toll it’s taken on these vulnerable populations.

Mental Health Report

After an explosive performance of his song "anziety" at the MTV VMA's, hip-hop artist and advocate of mental health, Logic helped us bring some much needed attention to Big Tobacco's exploitation of the mental health community. Days later, we dropped the full length report.

Military Report

Former Navy Seal, Kaj Larsen, helped us uncover how Big Tobacco exploited and disrespected the brave men and women of the US Military — both in short and long form reports.

Snap Reports

Using the vernacular of Snapchat news, we reported on our topics with a custom-illustration led editorial approach.


Preying On The Poor

A staggering 72% percent of remaining smokers come from lower-income communities — and it’s not a coincidence. Truth Correspondent Mary H.K Choi exposes Big Tobacco’s targeting and exploitation of struggling America.