Celebrating Better Butts for Earth Day.

As the world's most littered item, cigarettes butts are ruining Mother Earth's day, every fucking day. Truth decided it was time to arm the people with the facts. So we enlisted all the beautiful butts out there, from squishy tushy to chiseled cheeks, to help us deliver a bootylicious song and dance that celebrated all the butts that aren't cigarette butts.


Revealing Twinkle Twinkle Little Dick for Valentines Day.

Truth asked us to warn young men about smoking's effect on boners, specifically how cigarettes lead to ED. After a series of uncomfortable meetings, we decided to rewrite a classic children's song to describe how one thing can lead to the other.


Protecting Humanity Against the Butt Invasion.

As the most littered item on the planet, cigarette butts are literally taking over the world. So truth set out to warn the public of our impending doom with the hope that together, we can stop the butt invasion.